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American Family Insurance “All your deception under one roof.”

Time to saddle up and get this rodeo out of the way.  “Please leave your name, number, claim number and I’ll call you back as soon as possible.”  The nasally, feminine male voice continues to instruct me and I’m forced to leave yet another voice mail.  I’ve determined to give the soft spoken gentleman handling my claim one last chance before broadcasting American Family’s deceptive practices on a national level.  Eventually, after 20 minutes of attempted communication I’m forced to admit that this is the course I must take….

First of all, let’s ensure that everyone understands two FACTS.  First, this is not a “hate blog.”  Next, the only motivation behind this concentrated literary attack is reconciliation.  See, last year I was involved in a severe automobile collision….

As I exited I-69 my Isuzu idled down while I began my customary inspection of the very familiar intersection at 116th street.  Looking briefly over my left shoulder I immediately brought the vehicle to a full stop as the light in front of me was RED and it seemed like a bad idea to pull into on-coming traffic.

Wham!  The next sensation I remember was being thrown violently into the front of my faithful vehicle, my body forced into very awkward positions.  Apparently, Mr. Bonds(American Family’s insured) was, at that second, involved in a super secret mission to save the world and failed to notice that I had stopped my truck directly in front of him.  As his new Chrysler made impact with the frame of my “tank,” my head exploded into the windshield and I saw not one, not two, but yes, three cute little tweetie birds circling my brain so rapidly they might as well have been a yellow blur.

Waking up, I groggily looked back and immediately felt a twinge of compassion for Mr. Bonds as his Chrysler was so pitifully damaged it was evident he would be needing a new ride.  Taking the advice of the friendly fireman from Fishers, I deemed it prudent to take the ambulance up on a ride to the nearest healing center seeing as how my cranium made such an impression on my now cracked windshield.  Being transported on the stretcher all the while, I had no idea that my right ankle had been snapped like a paltry twig.

It has now been over a year since the collision occurred and now it is time for American Family Insurance to pay the piper.  Needless to say, this is a point of considerable difficulty for them and they have repeatedly informed me through their current mouthpiece Mr. Bryan Hardesty, that the insurance policy Mr. Bonds purchased from them was written to pay out a maximum of 100K.  Is that even legal?  Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the standard bodily injury policy at least 300K?!

As I struggle to make my contractual obligations to various vendors known to Mr. Hardesty he remains adamant in his deception that Mr. Bond’s policy is not valued at more than 100K.  The unfortunate part for American Family Insurance is I KNOW that this devious claim adjuster is lying to me.  What I know to be truth is the cold hard fact they have already designated funds for my claim.  300K to be exact, is collecting interest in a unique bank account with my claim number on it, and American Family Insurance plans on keeping the majority of it.

Wait!  I almost forgot to iterate the conclusion of my injuries in this ordeal.  In order to consolidate the story I’ll make this short and sweet.  At this point I’ve endured 2 surgeries, been paraded through a total of 4 physician’s offices, and I’ve taken more narcotics than I care to admit.  All in all, the total bill for my medical treatment is so close to 100K it is within “spitting distance.”

Can you imagine how surprised I was to learn that AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE makes no bones about hiring deceitful employees who systematically deny legitimate insurance claims all in the name of the insured’s best interest?  If it stopped there perhaps most individuals would see no wrong doing, however, we must consider the other side of the coin.  What about true american families who have decided to listen to the slogan “All your protection under one roof” when they experience a catastrophe in the form of a fire, flood, or even theft?  Will they too be denied when they ask for compensation?  Will they too experience what I feel SHOULD be there slogan….”All your deception under one roof?”

In conclusion, I will be dealing with this injury for the remainder of my life.  Every time it rains, my throbbing ankle will recall the fateful day that Mr. Bonds decided that a red light doesn’t really mean stop.  My two daughters, Lillian 3, and Violet 1 depend on my body’s functionality for survival.  Yes, I truly am indefinitely injured.  Yes, I truly have sustained trauma that my skeleton will remember as long as I live and breathe.  Should we continue to tolerate deceptive business practices when it comes to AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE, or should we ensure that they adopt their true slogan “All your protection under one roof?”



2 comments on “American Family Insurance “All your deception under one roof.”

  1. Smart Gray Matter
    October 27, 2010

    Next step: Filing a complaint with the Indiana department of Insurance.

  2. Robert
    July 10, 2013

    I’m aware of the age of the blog I’m replying to, but if you haven’t already been told this, you should first read Indiana’s insurance statutes before making guesses regarding liability limit laws. Indiana requires the following minimum vehicle insurance liability limits:
    $25,000 for injury/death to one person
    $50,000 for injury/death to more than one person
    $10,000 for damage to property

    Based on your text, I presume the at-fault driver likely carried $100,000 limit for injury to one person. Based on what you wrote, it sounds like the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier, American Family Insurance, is willing to pay that amount to you. The company is not liable for your injury losses exceeding that amount. They are additionally obligated to pay you for the damage to your property, up to the policy limit that you didn’t indicate in your text.

    If you purchased uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage as part of your vehicle liability insurance policy then you can collect from your own insurance company for excess loss beyond the other driver’s policy limits, up to your own policy’s liability limits. Any amount that your own insurance company pays will be subrogated from the at-fault driver.

    Any losses you sustain in excess of the at-fault driver’s policy limit plus your own liability policy’s limit (if you have UM/UIM coverage) are the financial responsibility of the insured. Therefore you may file civil action against that person for all remaining losses not paid by insurance. But be aware that if he has no assets then you’ll be unlikely to collect any summary judgment. Otherwise it’s just a moral victory that won’t pay the medical bills.

    The insurance company has honored the contract with their customer – can’t fault them. If you are looking for someone to blame, then look no further than your state’s legislators who establish those minimum policy limits. Of course, they are being influenced by insurance carriers as well as regulatory authorities. Best of luck to you.

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