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Sea-Side Princess

It is essential that I preface this post with a brief explanation.  Or perhaps not?  You choose.  If you would like to know the inspiration for this impromptu romantic, amateur poetry then leave a comment.


Sea-Side Princess

Though oft my ventures have led me astray,

I will never forget one December day.

Keeping true to my course I sought truth and myself,

My despair told me these things I never could reach,

while a hike left me treading on a soft quiet beach.

Swirling, gentle waves were leaping at the shore.

Thick mist sweeping in quickly to join the decor.

My eyes were held captive as I took in the scene,

How beautiful, so quiet, and completely serene.

Then suddenly without warning or notice,

My eyes found an object on which to focus.

She came from the water rising out of the depths,

With dazzling diamonds adorning her dress.

Her golden locks fell in rivers around her shoulders,

A countenance and smile capable of reshaping chaos into order.

In fact I was stunned to observe her come closer.

She started to speak and to my delight,

This princess’s sweet melody of speech was ever so proper.

Then without warning we were joined by a Mer-band,

We turned and strolled on shifting sands.

Many topics deliberated and kind conversation,

Complete immersion without hesitation.

The day was eternal it seemed it never would cease,

Yet when nightfall came it brought memories to keep.

After goodbyes were uttered and we exchanged long glances,

The fair haired princess and mermen started their dances.

One has never moved with a creature so grand,

Each move was effortless, nothing could cause us to land.

As quickly as she had appeared the sea princess had gone,

I fell to my knees as the splendor of the deep traveled home.

Thoughts like moonbeams shone through my throbbing skull.

My body felt the beautiful, sweet, sad call.

Retreiving these memories are always quite effortless,

When my mind starts to ponder the seaside princess.


One comment on “Sea-Side Princess

  1. WaffleMan
    July 9, 2010

    . ` ;;’
    . ` ` ` ;;;’
    ` @ ;;;
    ` ;;;
    ` ;;;;
    ` ;;;;;.
    ` .;;;;;;**.
    ` ;`* .;;; `**.
    . ` ;;`****. ‘*.
    ‘** ` ;;;;’****. .
    ‘****` ;;;;;`***.
    ‘*****` ;;;;;; `**.
    ` **` ;;;;;;; .*
    `*` ;;;;;;;;
    ` ;;;;;;;;
    ` ;;;;;;;;
    ` ;;;;;;;
    ` ;;;;;; . *
    ` ;;;; ***
    . ;; ***
    * * . ;; **
    *** * ` .;; *
    ** .****. * *
    * . * ^^ *’. * ****
    * * * ****
    *** * * ***
    *** **
    * ***

    (>’_’)>[I caught the dolphin that escaped your poem!]

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