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We Reward & Why My Penmanship Is Horrible

My fingers feel awkward.  Clumsily I push the pen’s tip over the paper.  The feeling is strange and foreign to me.  How long has it been since I’ve actually penned more than my signature?  Woah, that letter looks skewed.  What would I think of myself, if I were someone else reading this?

HeadLine News: Steven has lost nearly all penmanship skills/abilities.  Scratching my forehead I begin to wonder just when the aesthetic value of my hand written characters took a nose dive…Aha!  It seems I have a culprit to blame.  Say it with me, my com-pu-ter.  Has anyone else noticed this, or are you all still happily scribbling away on post-it notes?

Seriously, for the past few years I’ve used my tower & my laptop for nearly all written communication(aside from my signature as I already mentioned) and it has clearly taken it’s toll.  I mean, it is so bad, that I prefer to use a note-taking application rather than write it down important info on a notepad.  Moreover, I’ve been confident in my reliance on technology as it is also helping Mother Earth.  Paper = Trees.

Even so, I still feel a bit of sadness at realizing that my incessant typing has replaced a skill that I honed all the way from my elementary years to my college years.  Should I feel remorse about this?  Is it accurate to look at this loss as an extension of a bygone era?  How many of you can still look at your penmanship and be proud that you’ve written it?

In all fairness, it is entirely different.  It takes little to no effort to memorize key placing and hammer out sentence after sentence.  There is no careful guidance of your hand, no specific gentle flexing of each finger to make just the right arc on your letter C.  LoL, perhaps I’ve spent too much time musing about this.

Ok, next subject!  We Reward.  This is Izea’s latest creation, and it was just unveiled at TC Disrupt earlier this week.  What is your first impression?   Have any of you watched the video I posted on the blog?  If so, does the idea appeal to you?  I mean, you are most likely using 4sq anyways right?

So, if this takes off the way Izea is projecting, here soon you’ll be able to walk into Taco Bell, order their new combo meal(which includes doritos…what?  I thought Subway had a TM for, take a picture of yourself eating it, and Taco Bell will pay you 25 cents to do so.  Now, obviously this figure will go up for finer establishments, yet can you fathom?  You’ll be making money by making purchases that you already make on a daily basis?

That means you’ll pull up to BP….er….I mean Shell, SHELL EVERYONE, and take a picture of your ride at the gas pump and potentially get paid by the gas station, and your automobile manufacturer.  Give you a new excuse to get your car washed?  You bet.  While we are not to this point as of now we quickly will be.  How does that make you feel?  Are you a fan, or would you give this a thumbs down?  Listen up FB!  We want a dislike button.  No, seriously.  That wasn’t a joke.

If you are a business owner consider this for a hot minute.  This isn’t going to be an unwelcome addition to your advertising budget.  In many ways, this will BECOME your advertising budget.  Consumers have grown weary of the canned, hyped adverts that we bombard them with currently.  They want to have a voice when it comes to who they choose to do business with in the market.  With We Reward, you’ll be able to score advertising that has each individual customer’s name brand assigned to it, and a personal recommendation is worth a thousand lame TV commercials.

If you haven’t watched the video, head on over now, and give it a look.  Post your comment below.  Have a great holiday weekend everyone!  I’ll catch up with you on Tuesday.  Make sure to post plenty of pictures.

PS.  I’m including a link to my @Vevo playlist for the Memorial Day weekend in the blog roll to the right. I’ve been addicted to these artists recently and like every self respecting music junkie I want to get you hooked too.  Can’t get enough? Head on over to, download their software, and pleasure your ears…


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