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What Didn’t Happen On May 21st?!

Smart Gray Matter CEO, Steven Kent Gray

I stepped onto the platform at about 3:00am Friday morning, May 21st, 2010.  As I peered around me I began to feel the tangible expectancy.  My nose twitched as the sharp metallic smell of a coaster’s tracks drifted up into my nostrils.  Periodically, the wooden beams supporting the walkway rumbled violently as another string of cars blasted by, causing my hair to lay down flat against my forehead.

Although I’m being metaphorical I’m sure there are many of you out there in the blogging community who can relate.  May 21st was one long roller coaster ride.  To begin, I was contacted by Sponsored Tweet, a new start-up that is seeking to turn Twitter into a serious advertising machine.  No smirks here.  This is serious.  I mean, if you stop to consider all the moving pieces, this could effectively unseat Google’s highness /bows on the throne in the marketing kingdom.  PS.  Guess who is a big proponent.  @Starbucks.  He he he.  That was for you John.

No sooner had I finished working my way through the Sponsor Tweet API, I start getting requests.  To my pleasure, one of the first businesses to contact me was exactly who I expected.  That’s right, Microsoft.  My endorsement was approved and the tweet went out…any of my followers see it?  I know it is a long shot seeing as how it was early in the morning.  It was about a contest in which they promised to give away @HP machines.

Ok, so this is all soaking in when I notice that RedWriteWeb posted a story in which the WSJ took a shot at Facebook over yet another privacy issue!

An unexpected angle catches you by surprise and your knuckles turn white as you grip the bottom of the bench….What I don’t understand is why we’re making such a big deal of it.  We all love the social media giant, and we’ve contributed to what it is today so why should we act like we have fire ants in our pants all of the sudden?  They made a mistake.  Now, we understand how to better define privacy parameters.  Let’s move on; there are bigger items in play.

Up ahead, the car in front of me disappears over the next terrifyingly steep downgrade.  When I woke up today, I see that much to my complete dismay Microsoft’s endorsement I accepted has disappeared!  Well, at least Twitter has the privacy thing correct anyways.  Thing is, Microsoft probably didn’t want to be caught advertising on Sponsored Tweet when they have such a big stake in Facebook.  I get it.

Now we hit the next twist, my stomach lurches as I look over my shoulder and see a girl sitting next to me hunched over, her eyes closed so tight she looks as if she is in pain.  Swoosh!  Now the FTC has cleared Google’s mobile adwords initiative.  Talk about friends in high places!  This goes back to what I hinted at in the beginning of this post.  Google simply can’t afford to miss a piece of this market.  The “DROID DOES” for a reason….

In closing, I usually try to refrain from being perceived as a Braggadocio.  In this case, I’ll take the risk.  Smart Gray Matter noticed this opportunity a while ago.  Plain as the nose on your face.  As real as the safety bars that keep you inside the car @KingsIsland.  When I realized it I knew I had to make a decision.  Should I keep it to myself and start contacting VCs in an effort to produce a stealth like Sponsored Tweet?  Or would I help pull the trigger and watch mayhem ensue?

My choice is evident at this point, and I doubt you could show me a coaster in the world which would give me a greater adrenaline rush.  What we are watching now is evolution in process and it is glorious! We are learning how to walk and this is just the beginning.

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One comment on “What Didn’t Happen On May 21st?!

  1. Smart Gray Matter
    May 22, 2010

    Well, it appears I must give you an update. Microsoft’s campaign is back in action. Look for it to be sent out anytime now. >,< #SmartGrayMatter Check out @microsofttag for more details.

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